Why Exhibit at OETC?

THE state of technology

There’s a reason the Ohio Educational Technology Conference is one of the greatest in the nation: Ohio is leading the way in technology nationally, giving Ohio educators a leg up and keeping our students ahead of the curve.

Our state invests millions in preparing classrooms with desktop and laptop computers, computer wiring, software, Wi-Fi, and in providing professional development for educators. And the strong partnership between the state, its companies, and our communities means we all work together to solve common problems and discuss how today’s students can become tomorrow’s workplace leaders.

We’re also home to the Ohio Technology Consortium, a merger of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, eStudent Services, and OARnet (a network of more than 2240 miles of fiber-optics that serves Ohio’s colleges and universities, K-12 schools, academic medical centers, public broadcasting centers, and state and local government). The network’s capacity allows for limitless virtual connection, enabling Ohioan’s to conduct research, school children to take virtual field trips across the state and around the world, and doctors to seek second opinions regarding critically ill patients.

At OETC, we believe in the notion of “Education by Ohio for Ohio,” bringing innovators from universities, museums, government agencies, and corporations together to demonstrate how technology can be used in their particular industry.

There’s no better place to connect with educational technology leaders and decision makers than the Ohio Educational Technology Conference.

Every year, OETC brings together more than 4,500 attendees, including P-20 educators, curriculum and technology coordinators, administrators, and higher education professionals, from all over Ohio and neighboring states, to connect, explore, and learn more about what’s happening in educational technology today. Thirty-five percent of OETC attendees are educational technology coordinators and staff. Include attending business technology managers and education administrators, and over 50% the attendees are decision makers.

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