#OETC22 Conference Theme

#OETC22: Flipping the Script – Connecting through Technology & Educational Opportunities

The circumstances of the past few years challenged educators across Ohio to find new ways to bring their educational methodologies to their classrooms, their districts, and their communities, all while keeping students engaged. Rising to the occasion and overcoming those obstacles meant reimagining education and discovering opportunities for advanced learning using technology, often-virtual connection, and collaboration.

Today, the script has flipped – rather than having to adapt teaching methods to their circumstances, educators are embracing what they’ve learned and finding new and innovative ways to connect, making the most of technology to create education opportunities that not only captivate students but also foster even greater collaboration and interaction.

This year, #OETC22 is celebrating those advancements in technology, as well as how educators have used that technology on a daily basis to help students excel, provide additional flexibility in the classroom, and bring connection to the fore of the learning process.

#OETC22 highlights the new best practices, the new lessons learned, and the new ways of thinking that were born during a pandemic and flips the script to showcase how educators will use these tools to thrive together during whatever lies ahead.