#OETC22 Call for Session Reviewers

#OETC22 Call for Session Reviewers

OETC Session Reviewer volunteers play a critical role in the success of the conference. Responsible for the review and scoring of session proposals during the Peer Review process, Session Reviewers are the determining factor in the acceptance of sessions for OETC programming.

Volunteering as a Session Reviewer requires qualifications and knowledge in areas specific to OETC. Therefore, an application and approval process are required for this volunteer position. Only online session reviewer applications will be accepted.

#OETC22 Session Reviewers are required to review a minimum of 18 session proposals, with the possibility for additional reviews to be assigned, between November 30, 2021 – December 21, 2021.

Upon completion of all assigned reviews, Session Reviewers receive a complimentary registration to #OETC22.


Call for Session Reviewers is closed for #OETC22.