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Get ready for #OETC20! Call for Sessions will open Spring 2019!

2020 Call for Sessions
If you are interested in presenting at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference in 2020, you have come to the right spot. We offer Deep Dive (3-hour), Extended (2-hour), and Educational (1-hour) session opportunities. We also offer FREd Talk and Playground sessions! Come back soon to begin your proposal submission for #OETC20!


Call for FREd Talk Proposals
A FREd (Finding Real Education) Talk is a five-minute presentation about a topic relevant to the practice of technology and education. The talk should be direct and to the point without any non-critical information. PowerPoint slides are allowed and should be limited to a maximum of 20 slides. 



Call for Playground Proposals 
Are you interested in facilitating a two-hour playground session? As a facilitator, you will provide a hands-on activity or short, informal talk about an aspect of your chosen topic. You may feature a resource, lesson, software, or technology, or any combination thereof. Conference attendees will typically spend five to 10 minutes at each table to gather information, ideas, and resources. Activities should be planned accordingly. 


  • Gain exposure and showcase the innovative educational practices at your district or institution.
  • Showcase an emerging technology and demonstrate its potential value for education.
  • Share successful technology implementation practices with other districts and institutions for the betterment of education in Ohio.
  • Demonstrate effective educational practices that are bridging the gap between PK-12 and higher education.
  • Share successful classroom practices, innovative teaching and learning solutions, current and relevant research, and/or new or innovative products that show emerging promise for PK–20 educational communities, and/or address the evolving role of technology in education.
  • Make OETC the must-attend educational technology event in Ohio.

If you are interested in being a Keynote or Featured speaker at 2020 OETC, please contact the OETC Team at 


The 2019 Ohio Educational Technology Conference will feature an over-arching theme of “Artificial Intelligence in Learning.” From intelligent tutoring systems, “smart” content delivery systems, adaptive assessment systems to the creation of a “virtual reality” facilitator, A.I. has the potential to reshape the education landscape like no other technology has done before. Using the theme as a guideline, presenters should frame their presentations to address or reinforce the conference theme.  While not all submitted sessions will directly or indirectly address the conference theme, a sufficient number of sessions will be chosen during the selection process that will directly address the conference theme.

2019 Call for Session Proposals is closed

General Proposal Information for #OETC19

  • Proposals may be edited up to the submission close date, however, proposals must be submitted by the close date for consideration in the 2019 Conference program.
  • ALL presenters MUST create a NEW ACCOUNT for the 2019 Conference as no presenter accounts were imported from the 2018 event.
  • Submitters are limited to a maximum of four submitted proposals as the submitting presenter.
  • Please place all submissions under the lead or submitting presenter, as all communications regarding session status will be directed to the submitting presenter.

Offline Session Proposal Worksheet

Feel free to use the offline Session Proposal Worksheet for proposal development only; all proposals will be submitted online via the Presenter's Portal and no forms will be accepted by email. Another helpful resource is the OETC Guide to Submitting a Quality Proposal. 

Call for Session Proposal Timeline

 Call for Session Proposal Portal Closes:   Monday, October 8, 2018
 Call for Session Reviewer Application Portal Opens:   September 6, 2018
 Call for Session Reviewer Application Portal Closes:   September 21, 2018
 Notification of Selected Sessions:   Beginning Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The listed dates are provided as a guide.  Actual dates will fluctuate due to the number of session proposals received for review.

Scoring Rubric

Please review the scoring rubric for the criteria with which each proposal will be reviewed.

Conference Tracks

Please review the descriptions of the Conference Tracks for the 2019 Conference.

Session Types and Scheduling Options

Please review the descriptions of the available Conference Session Types and Scheduling Options.

Commercial Content Statement

Ohio Educational Technology Conference sessions are learning experiences and are non-commercial presentations. Sessions are not to be used for direct promotion of a presenter's product, service or other self-interest. Products and services may be discussed in a session from the point of view of implementation, insight from an end-user, lessons learned, or any non-commercial point of view. Sessions are not to be used as a product promotion or "Selling from the Podium" event. Representatives from an exhibiting company or anyone connected to an exhibiting company are not to participate in these educational sessions.

Presenter Benefits

Presenters for the 2019 Ohio Educational Technology Conference will receive the following Presenter Benefits

Presenter’s Portal

The proposal submission process for the 2019 Conference is an online process. Presenter accounts have not been imported from the 2018 event. If this is your first visit to the portal for the upcoming Conference, please follow the steps listed below to create a new account:

  1. Review presenter’s account information
  2. Add a presenter’s biography to presenter’s account.
  3. Begin New Session Proposal
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New Users:

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Please enter the 2019 Ohio Educational Technology Conference Presenter’s Portal to begin the submission process.

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