#OETC21 Registration


New for #OETC21:

With the recent announcement of a pilot format for the 2021 conference, OETC is excited to offer registered attendees full, virtual access to #OETC21 live and on-demand content, as well as to #OETC21 Exhibitors and Sponsors, for an extended period of time. Since this is a test run for future add-ons and extensions of the traditional, in-person event, OETC is pleased to offer free, complimentary registrations for all #OETC21 attendees! Please join us for #OETC21 and see how unprecedented times lead to reimagined education!


For more information on what to expect this year, click here: #OETC21 Reimagined


To obtain your complimentary #OETC21 registration, click on the link below. If you have already registered, you will receive an email communication regarding your registration.


Click here to register: #OETC21 Complimentary Registration


For more information, email info@oetc.ohio.gov.

#OETC21 Reimagined: What to Expect

#OETC21 Kick-off: February 8 - 12, 2021

  • Educational sessions from OETC collaborators, including the Ohio Distance Learning Association, INFOhio, Learn21, and more!
  • Top scoring sessions from each #OETC21 track call for sessions
  • Opportunities for networking, roundtables, and discussion groups
  • Connect with #OETC21 Exhibitors and Sponsors through a variety of experiences, including the daily #OETC21 Exhibitor Immersion, exhibitor and sponsor educational sessions, and the newly created Gather with the Guru sessions.


#OETC21 Reimagined: February 15 - June 2021

Ongoing professional development opportunities, including:

  • Additional sessions from OETC collaborators such as the Ohio Distance Learning Association, INFOhio, and Learn21.
  • Sessions from #OETC21 Exhibitors and Sponsors
  • Accepted sessions from the #OETC21 Call for Sessions
  • Access to recorded sessions via the #OETC21 Content On Demand Gallery
  • Additional opportunities for networking, roundtables, and discussion groups


And #OETC21 will suit your schedule! Unable to attend a session at its allotted time? Don’t worry! #OETC21 sessions will be recorded so registered attendees can access the content at a time that is convenient for them. And if you missed your favorite exhibitor or sponsor at the #OETC21 Exhibitor Immersion, we have you covered. You can visit their virtual booth space in the exhibit hall any time to connect with them via direct message.


We hope to “see” you at #OETC21 – the same great conference you’ve come to expect … reimagined.


#OETC21Challenge Accepted



#OETC21 Session Schedule

Welcome to the first-ever totally virtual Ohio Educational Technology Conference! OETC is excited to Reimagine this conference with you!

#OETC21 Reimagined is excited to offer a full schedule of exciting, educational, and interactive experiences beginning February 8, 2021 for #OETC21 Kick-off week through June 2021. With educational sessions, networking and discussion groups, Keynote speakers, and more being added to the Kick-off week schedule, OETC will announce updates soon!

Following Kick-off week, the #OETC21 schedule will be announced two weeks at time. Given these unprecedented times, the #OETC21 schedule is subject to change, technology is bound to glitch, and life is bound to happen. Flexibility, patience, and consideration are greatly appreciated!

Important: This #OETC21 Information Site link below is to a website that is not the virtual event platform. OETC is using this site to quickly share information and important schedule details for the upcoming event. Each registered participant will receive a customized email communication from #OETC21 with an individualized link and log in to the virtual event platform.


For information on #OETC21 Presenters, Exhibitors, and Sponsors, and to view the #OETC21 Kick-off week Session Schedule, click the link below. 

#OETC21 Information Site


#OETC21 Certificates of Attendance

Live Sessions: Registered attendees that participate in live sessions will receive Certificates of Attendance via email on a bi-weekly basis beginning March 1, 2021. Live sessions include all sessions scheduled in the #OETC21 agenda, including Flipped sessions, Gather with a Guru sessions, as well as educational sessions and exhibitor and sponsors sessions.

Recorded and OnDemand Sessions: Registered attendees that view recorded and OnDemand sessions will receive Certificates of Attendance via email on a bi-weekly basis beginning March 15, 2021. Recorded and OnDemand sessions include sessions that are accessed outside of the OETC schedule via the #OETC21 Content OnDemand Gallery.


#OETC21 Session Reviewers

As #OETC21 will be a virtual conference, on-site volunteers will not be utilized. If you are interested in volunteering for #OETC21, please consider applying to be a session reviewer.


Session Reviewers

OETC Session Reviewer volunteers play a critical role in the success of the conference. Responsible for the review and scoring of session proposals during the Peer Review process, Session Reviewers are the determining factor in the acceptance of sessions for OETC programming.


Volunteering as a Session Reviewer requires qualifications and knowledge in areas specific to OETC. Therefore, an application and approval process is required for this volunteer position. Only online session reviewer applications will be accepted. 


#OETC21 Session Reviewers are required to review a minimum of 18 session proposals, with the possibility for additional reviews to be assigned, between November 20, 2020 – December 30, 2020.


Upon completion of all assigned reviews, Session Reviewers receive a complimentary registration to #OETC21. 


Important Dates:

  • Accepted session reviewers (round 1) will be notified beginning November 20, 2020.
  • Waitlisted, then accepted session reviewers (round 2) will be notified beginning December 13, 2020.
  • Call for Session Proposals closes at 11:59 pm (EST) on December 20, 2020.
  • Session reviewers must have all of their assigned proposals SCORED and SUBMITTED by 11:59 pm (EST) on Sunday, December 30, 2020.
  • Notification of Session Proposal Status beginning December 31, 2020.
  • Accepted sessions begin pre-recording on January 4, 2021.

#OETC21 Unprecedented Times, Reimagined Education

The past year saw challenges unlike any we’ve ever experienced; challenges that required new ways of thinking, new ways of learning, and new ways of teaching. Ohio’s educators faced those challenges head on, reimagining ways to deliver education so students could continue to prosper.


#OETC21Challenge Accepted




#OETC21 Session Tracks

Digital Wellness
Sessions in this track should focus on maintaining a balanced lifestyle in a virtual world. Topics could range from digital citizenship, social media use, and cyberbullying; to screen time, technology addiction, and time management; to physical health in a virtual /hybrid environment; personal learning networks for faculty, educators, and students, and other digital wellness resources and tools. Sessions may address social and emotional learning standards district wide, or with a focus on the educator, the student, family and/or community. Presenters are encouraged to share best practices on how to cope and support each other, along with students and their families during times of significant and continuous change.
Implementation and Integration
Sessions in this track should provide insights into practical strategies used by educators and faculty to fully explore the current uses of technology for education, including information on effectively integrating technology into the curriculum, managing the use of technology in the classroom, whether virtual, hybrid, or in person, and assessing the impact of the technology upon student achievement. Topics could include student engagement and how to garner excitement for learning, overcoming difficulties of virtual/hybrid learning, interactive learning when socially distanced, communicating clearly with students and parents, how to handle “Zoom Fatigue” and other frustrations, and student discipline in a transitional setting – how to handle class disruptors and/or struggling students. Presenters are encouraged to share what worked extremely well in your class, what didn’t work, and how did you overcome and learn from failures to grow as an educator?
On the Cutting Edge
Sessions in this track should focus on introducing cutting-edge technologies, new digital tools, and technological resources being used to enhance education by improving the teaching and learning experience, as well as overcoming common obstacles. These sessions could also introduce new teaching methodologies and techniques including best practices and lessons learned. These sessions seek to represent the most innovative thinking in the adoption and application of technology.
Infrastructure and Ingenuity
Sessions in this track should focus on technology infrastructure and the overall management of information systems and devices that support all learning environments. It also focuses on educational policy, leadership, and planning with regard to the use of technology as a strategic tool for organizational improvement and transformation. Session topics may include applying for state/federal technology grants, data-driven decision making, educator evaluation tools, and purchasing and budgeting. Other topics could include implementation of 1-to-1 computing, wireless environments and the rollout of mobile devices as well as network security and security breaches, penetration testing and privacy issues, solutions to bandwidth issues, and compliance with local, state, and national security regulations and directives. Additional topics could include technology solutions or technology’s impact on school security, campus safety and digital threats and prevention, including but not limited to online threats, software updates and schedules, security within social networking, and security within online meeting software. Presenters are encouraged to share best practices and lessons learned on device management, parental instructions and communications, VPN management, security, and upkeep of devices in various learning environments.
Curriculum Design and Development in Transitioning Learning Environments
Sessions in this track should focus on how to design and develop curriculum with delivery formats in mind to create a seamless transition from a virtual environment to a hybrid environment and ultimately to an in-person environment. Sessions may include innovative ways to integrate online and face-to-face activities. This track could delve into topics such as developing collaborative work and project/problem based models, creating and setting meaningful student activities and goals both in and out of the classroom, and creating structured and scheduled content. Other topics could include the creation of course objectives, course maps, and planning assessments to evaluate content comprehension. Presenters are encouraged to share best practices on transitioning between learning environments.
Equity and Inclusion
Sessions in this track should focus on resources available to ensure that EVERY student has access to technology tools, information, and digital media to support information sharing and the learning process. Topics that should be included are equity in education, especially during virtual/hybrid learning, assistive technology solutions, access to devices and the internet, alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), adapted curriculum solutions, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Open Educational Resources (OER). Presenters are encouraged to share best practices on digital content creation, access, effective tools and challenges faced in electronic formats.
State of Ohio Initiatives
Sessions in this track should focus on state initiatives and the successful use of technology in their implementation. Sessions from this track will be provided by the State of Ohio and OETC partners. Topics could include, but are not limited to, the following: #FutureReadyOH, Ohio’s Learning Standards for Technology, State Testing and Assessments, RAPIDS, College Credit Plus, Choose Ohio First, Workforce Alignment, Ohio Transfer to Degree Guarantee, and the Aspire program.