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Discover the latest in educational technology and innovation, explore all aspects of Digital Citizenship, @ #OETC18!.  From Digital Etiquette to plagiarism to online safety and privacy, #OETC18 will inform you how to protect yourself on the internet and how to be a responsible digital citizen.

We encourage you to start your exploration of Digital Citizenship by attending any of the 3 general sessions.  Featuring Dr. Wesley Fryer, Director of Technology at the Casady School; John Sileo, CEO of The Sileo Group, and Linnette Attai, founder of Playwell, LLC, this year’s Keynote Speakers promise to deliver need-to-know information through highly interactive, empowering, and entertaining presentations.

Feel free to continue your discovery of Digital Citizenship by attending any of the 200+ breakout sessions offered at #OETC18! The session schedule can be found through our mobile app.

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The NextGen learning space is located in the Exhibit Hall.  This classroom showcases the latest in ed-tech in the classroom.  Part of the Interactive Learning Zone @OETC, this space offers a fun and exciting atmosphere of learning!

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Feb 13 - Presented by the Ohio Technology and Engineering Educators Association

1-2 - Attack of the Drones - Build and Fly MicroDrones in Your School

2-3 - Make it Safe - Great Ideas to Ensure Your Makerspace is Safe and Fun

3-4 - Basic Circuits for Makerspace Educators

Feb 14 - Presented by TRECA

11:30-12:30 - Using Open Broadcaster Software to Ignite Your Online Curriculum

1-2 - MacSmashing - Using Multiple Mac Apps to Create Innovative Media

2-3 - Using Open Broadcaster Software to Ignite Your Online Curriculum

3-4 - MacSmashing - Using Multiple Mac Apps to Create Innovative Media

Feb 15 - Presented by the National Robotics Challenge

11:30-12:30 - Combat Robotics with a Just a 3D Printer

1-2 - Hands-On with LEGO EV3 Robotics System

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Feb 13   9:00-12:00           Ohio’s Learning Standards for Technology

Feb 13   1:00-4:00              Using Digital Tools to Support Curious KIDSS

Feb 13   2:00-4:00              Using Desmos to Create Instructional Activities for Your Classroom

Feb 14   12:05-12:50         State Technology Coordinators Meeting

Feb 14   3:30-4:30              Ohio’s Learning Management System

Feb 15   1:00-3:00              Follow Fiction as a Path to the Design Process

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Feb 13   2:00-4:00              Introduction to Minecraft Education Edition

Feb 14   8:00-9:00              Blended Learning with Office 365

Feb 14   11:00-12:00         An Hour of Code…an Endless Opportunity

Feb 14   1:00-2:00              What’s new in Office 365 for you and your classroom

Feb 14   2:15-4:15              Introduction to Minecraft Education Edition -1

Feb 14   3:30-4:30              Using Edutainment to Increase Engagement and Achievement

Feb 15   8:00-9:00              10 Free Microsoft Tools to Energize your Classroom

Feb 15   11:00-12:00         Gamification in Education

Feb 15   1:00-2:00              Build a Collaborative Classroom & Increase Productivity using OneNote

Feb 15   2:15-3:15              Make Global Connections with Skype in the Classroom

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Join us as we explore new ways to raise the bar for what’s possible in teaching and learning with Apple. Discover ideas from educators around the world, and use #ForTheLoveOfLearning on Twitter to share what inspires you.

The Apple Education Team will also be available to meet with you throughout the week at OETC 2018 - just stop by Room A125 during a break or email Ohio_K12_EDU@group.apple.com to schedule a one-on-one meeting with us.

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Feb 13    9:00-12:00      Teach App Development with Swift
Feb 13    2:00-4:00        Learn to Code with iPad
Feb 14    8:00-9:00        Fuel Your Passion for Learning with Apple Teacher
Feb 14    11:00-12:00    Learning with Apple Playground Hosted by Apple Distinguished Educators
Feb 14    1:00-2:00       Access Abilities: Designing for All Learners
Feb 14    2:15-3:15       Guide Student Learning with the Classroom App on iPad
Feb 14    3:30-4:30       What’s New for iPad in Education
Feb 15    8:00-9:00       Learn to Code with iPad
Feb 15    11:00-12:00   Learning with Apple Playground Hosted by Apple Distinguished Educators
Feb 15    1:00-2:00      What’s New for iPad in Education
Feb 15    2:15-3:15      Fuel Your Passion for Learning with Apple Teacher


Ohio’s eight Educational Technology Agencies (Ohio’s EdTechs) located regionally across the state, provide services that optimize the use of classroom technologies to improve student learning and staff performance.  Each EdTech Agency works in cooperation with one of Ohio’s public pelevision stations.  Working together, Ohio’s EdTechs serve ALL of Ohio’s K-12 schools and assist educators in meeting and exceeding state performance standards, state report card requirements, and state professional development goals as established by the Ohio Department of Education. Each EdTech also develops and delivers outstanding original local initiatives and resources specifically directed to needs expressed by districts in their service area.
If you’re not familiar with Ohio’s EdTechs, take an opportunity to stop by the Ohio EdTech area located around the 220-223 booth section of the exhibit hall. Mobile App Filter - #Ohio Ed-Techs

Feb 13   9:00-12:00           Virtual Reality Storytelling

Feb 14   2:15-4:15              "Technology Planning for District Leaders"

Feb 14   3:30-4:30              Critical Thinking in the “Fake News” Era: Evaluating Online Sources

Feb 14   3:30-4:30              Culturally Responsive Teaching and Community Building in a Digital World

Feb 14   11:00-12:00         Free Resources for your Classroom from Western Reserve Public Media

Feb 14   3:30-4:30              Live from OETC, The Best Free Video Production Resources

Feb 14   1:00-2:00              PBS LearningMedia:  FREE Digital Resources Supporting Teaching and Learning

Feb 14   1:00-2:00              SOITA Interactive Video Conferencing Preview: Introduction to Poetry

Feb 14   8:00-9:00              This is Flippin' Amazing

Feb 15   1:00-2:00              Exploring PBS Learning Media

Feb 15   8:00-9:00              FREE Financial Literacy Resources for Grades 1-6 Using SmartPath

Feb 15   1:00-2:00              Gadget Slam

Feb 15   11:00-12:00         Scaffolding the Writing Process with Google for the Elementary Classroom

WOSU Classroom brings you the trusted content and services you need for a lifetime of learning – as a teacher, student, parent or caregiver. As one of Ohio’s eight Educational Technology Agencies, we are pleased to bring Ohio school districts another year of technology-infused professional development and invaluable educational resources as a member of WOSU Classroom. All of WOSU’s instructors are teachers with classroom experience committed to delivering high-quality professional development to you!

Visit WOSU Classroom At #OECT18


AT&AEM Center and the Accessible Technologies Solutions Lab:

The Assistive Technology and Accessible Educational Materials (AT&AEM) Center, powered by OCALI, is one of OCALI’s newest centers. The AT&AEM Center is a centralized, responsive resource center that empowers individuals with disabilities by providing accessible educational materials, access to assistive technologies, and highly specialized technical assistance and professional development support. Working collaboratively with the 16 state support teams, the Center advances best practices in the field to help educators, family members, and individuals with disabilities enjoy increased independence and accessibility. If you’d like to learn more about the AT&AEM Center at #OETC18, visit booth 1035 or ataem.org. This year, Mike Marotta, a leader in the field of assistive technology, is one of the Center’s featured speakers, and he’ll also be presenting several sessions in the Accessible Technologies Solutions Lab. Bring your devices and join us for cutting-edge topics such as apps for students struggling with reading, writing or executive functions; wearable technologies and the Internet of Things latest trends; Google Suite and Google Apps for education; and more!

Feb 14   8:00-9:00              Google Keeps Students Organized

Feb 14   11:00-1:00           Technology for Voice and Choice:  UDL and Multiple Literacies

Feb 14   11:00-12:00         The Future is Now! Technology for ALL

Feb 14   1:00-2:00              Creating and Presenting an Accessible Slide Presentation

Feb 14   2:15-4:15              Google Tools for Struggling Students

Feb 15   8:00-9:00              Free Tools to Support the Five-Step Writing Process for All

Feb 15   11:00-12:00         Digital Storytelling:  Unleashing the Power of Expression for All Learners

Feb 15   1:00-3:00              Reading/Writing Supports to Access Close Reading, Annotation, and Written Response

The Ohio Distance Learning Association is a statewide team of educational and technology service centers, content providers, schools, colleges, and other users of distance learning technology with a mission to promote and foster the use of distance learning.
Many of Ohio’s content providers have been nationally recognized by educators for their highly interactive, fun, and content-rich catalogs of programs that are easily accessible to any group through cloud-based video conferencing solutions.
If you’re not familiar with the Ohio DLA and the opportunities available through distance learning technology, please take the time to participate in any of the sessions provided Ohio DLA members in room B132 and stop by to chat with our content providers in booths 1135, 1137, 1139, 1141,& 1143 in the exhibit hall.

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Feb 13   1:30-2:30              Using Interactive Distance Learning to teach STEM

Feb 13   3:00-4:00              Making A Connection: Comparing H.323 and Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Solutions

Feb 14   8:00-9:00              Breakfast with the Ohio Distance Learning Association

Feb 14   11:00-12:00         Fun and Engaging Distance Learning Opportunities For Your K-12 Classroom

Feb 14   1:00-2:00              SOITA Interactive Video Conferencing Preview: Introduction to Poetry

Feb 14   2:15-3:15              STEAM Travel without the Field Trip Migraine

Feb 14   3:30-4:30              Learning Experiences Available Through Distance Learning Technology

Feb 15   8:00-9:00              Technology Is Just the Tool: Skills for Successful Student Connections

Feb 15   11:00-12:00         COSI Interactive Videoconferencing Program Preview - In Depth: Autopsy

Feb 15   1:00-2:00              Exploring Southern State’s use of Mobile Telepresence for Student Success

Feb 15   2:15-3:15              More Fun and Engaging Distance Learning Opportunities For Your Classroom

INFOhio, the Information Network for Ohio schools, is the state's virtual PreK-12 library that uses the existing school telecommunications infrastructure to address equity issues by providing electronic resources, library automation, and other services to Ohio schools. These resources are linked to student achievement and performance, standards-based instruction, teacher effectiveness, and technological competency and are accessible from not only the school library, but also from classroom, lab, and home computers.

INFOhio provides the standardized library automation software to put card catalogs online, which makes it possible for students and educators to access a variety of materials, including books and other resources in the school library as well as other libraries across the state.

Since 1994, INFOhio has automated more than 2,343 school libraries serving than 1.1 million students. Visit INFOhio at booth #722!

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Feb 14   2:15-3:15              Differentiated Instruction the Digital Way

Feb 14   3:30-4:30              Rebooting Online Reading Skills for College and Career Readiness

Feb 15   1:00-2:00              Debunk the Digital Junk: Leading Students to Reliable Online Sources

Learn21 Ohio CoSN is the state chapter for CoSN (Consortium of School Networking). CoSN is the educational technology leadership organization for K-12 CTO's. CoSN represents over 13 million students nationwide. Learn21 Ohio CoSN provides leadership, learning and logistics services for Ohio's educational technology leaders and schools. We focus on CTO's clinics, management tools, community building, and advocacy tools. Learn21 supports Future Ready Schools in Ohio and delivers professional development for personalized learning. Our software tools support teacher dashboards and One2One deployment.

If you’re not familiar with Ohio CoSN, stop by the Ohio CoSN booth in the exhibit hall.

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Feb 13   2:00-4:00              10G and Beyond: Designing and Managing High-Stakes Infrastructure (2018)

Feb 14   8:00-9:00              Going One2One: Hints, Tips, and Strategies

Feb 14   8:00-9:00              SouthWest TILO: A Future Ready Leadership Model

Feb 14   11:00-12:00         Making Gmail Safe and Secure for Schools and Students

Feb 14   11:00-12:00         Maximize the ROI of Your 1:1

Feb 14   1:00-2:00              10 Steps for Planning a District-Wide Technology Conference

Feb 14   1:00-2:00              FileWave Deployment: Best Practices for ALL supported platforms.

Feb 14   1:00-2:00              The Good, Bad and the Ugly: CTOs Share Lessons Learned

Feb 14   2:15-3:15              Beyond the Device-CTO Challenges of One2One

Feb 14   2:15-3:15              The Edge of Security- Is your district prepared?

Feb 14   2:15-3:15              Thinking of migrating to Gmail?  Here's how.

Feb 14   3:30-4:30              Best Practices for Complying: COPA, CIPA, and FERPA in GAFE/O365

Feb 15   3:30-4:30              10 Reasons Mentorship Will Make You A Better IT Director


Feb 15   11:00-12:00         Making Mentorship Matter: CTO Mentor Panel Discussion

Feb 15   11:00-12:00         Meetings Reimagined! Using Breakouts to ReEnergize Staff and PD Days.

Feb 15   11:00-12:00         Unplugged: A Real Conversation with Top EdTech Coaches

Feb 15   1:00-2:00              K-12 Cyber Security - Common Threats and Solutions

Feb 15   2:15-3:15              Makerspace Minefield: avoiding the roadblocks to success